“Father, Forgive Them”

Great Church Today. I taught on Forgiveness. Ephesians 4:32.

I began with a disclaimer that I’m not perfect, nor an expert on this subject.

Corrie Ten Boom was my main story. Compelling narrative of her being a Nazi concentration camp survivor. She and her Dutch father and sister were arrested in Holland for helping the Jews.

They suffered horribly. Her father died first, then her sister Betsy. Her sister was treated inhumanly by guards.

After the war, Corrie went on to become a renowned Evangelist, recounting her life story all around the world.

One evening in Berlin after speaking, a young man came up and asked to shake her hand. Gasp! She knew him!!

“I’m one of the ones who mistreated your sister. I’m now a fellow Christian, I know He has forgiven me. I’m asking you to shake my hand and forgive me.”

Do you know how this story ends?!? Give a listen to Youtube.

We need to THANK JESUS, that He has forgiven us!! Then we need to forgive others.

The best way to know if we have forgiven, after having done so, is if we are able pray God’s Blessings to the person!

By FORGIVING, we begin the process of Healing. The two actions are closely connected. God is real and He Loves You.

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